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Our Interpreter (2024)

Our Interpreter (2024) is a Chinese romance drama set in the bustling world of international business and translation. Directed by Zhang Tong and scripted by Fei Hui Jun, the narrative unfolds around Lin Xi, known in the translation industry as the “witch” for her exceptional skills. The drama follows her as she reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Xiao Yi Cheng, after several years apart. Years ago, Lin Xi had broken up with him to fulfill her mother’s wish of becoming a professional interpreter at the United Nations, a dream she has successfully achieved by becoming the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng. Meanwhile, Xiao Yi Cheng has risen to the position of Chief Technical Officer at a communications group, putting him in a potentially contentious but intriguing professional relationship with Lin Xi.

Our Interpreter

The drama explores themes of love, ambition, and professional ethics as Lin Xi navigates her role, potentially having to manage her ex-boyfriend as a client. Despite the undercurrents of past romance and possible revenge motives from Xiao Yi Cheng, their work together reignites their complex relationship, offering Xiao Yi Cheng a chance to understand the sacrifices Lin Xi made. As they work together, they begin to pursue their dreams and aspirations, representing a journey of personal and professional growth amidst the backdrop of representing their country on a global stage.

The ensemble cast includes Victoria Song as Lin Xi, Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yi Cheng, and features other notable actors such as Fei Qi Ming, Wang Sen, and Lin Zi Lu, among others. Each character brings depth to the intricately woven narrative, contributing to the drama’s exploration of relationships within the high-stakes world of business and translation.

Our Interpreter

Our Interpreter promises to be a gripping tale of rekindled love, professional challenges, and the pursuit of personal dreams against the backdrop of the translation industry’s demands and the dynamic world of international business. With a mix of drama, romance, and a glimpse into the professional life of interpreters, the show aims to captivate viewers with its unique storyline and complex character dynamics.

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